Disconnected in a Connected World

In today’s connected world, are we really that connected? I say that because I enjoy just watching people be people, and I observe with a great intent to understand. While it appears we are connected by various technologies, it appears to me that we miss out on a lot of life’s unexpected experiences by sticking with what is comfortable, such as listening to music we commonly listen to using an iPod or talking to people we normally talk to using a cell phone. I must admit I have done the same thing with email and blogging to keep in touch with those back home when I am away from home, but what are we missing as we indulge in our connectness.

Then, we go out with some friends, yet we talk to other friends more via the cell phone during the course of the evening than the friends in front of us. Can we not just enjoy the company of the people we are around physically without having to be mindfully and electronically connected to others in our life? Have we become so connected that we are actually disconnected in more ways than we realize?