One Device or Two Devices

I just sold my Unlocked GSM Palm Treo 650 since my company agreed to buy me a Cingular GSM Palm Treo 650. Now, I not so sure I want to go back to a converged device. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Treo 650. However, I missed having two separate devices.

Before the Palm Treo 650, I used a Sony Ericsson T616 cell phone paired with a Palm Tungsten T5. I liked the large screen of my Tungsten T5. Plus, I felt more comfortable letting them borrow my Sony Ericsson T616 than I did not letting him/her borrow my Treo 650.

At the same time, I did enjoy having only one device to carry with me. Connecting to the Internet was a lot easier with the Treo 650, and I was able to connect anywhere through Cingular’s data service. This made retreiving email a breeze no matter where I was.

As you can tell, I have put some thought into it. However, I might be missing some good points on either side of the discussion, so I ask, “One device or two?”